The neighborhood watch.

(Outside the Studio Ghibli Museum.)

That’s 70cm (~28”) of parfait, found in the Umeda mall. Ice cream, whipped cream, jelly, corn flakes, and other sweets thrown in. Bonus surprised girl in the background.

(On the Anime De-Tour this past June)

One classy hat.

(As seen in Harajuku.)

Pretty light fixture at Fab Cafe, Shibuya. 

Oyakodon, mother and child! XD So good when the egg is runny. (Easy to make at home too.)

Wishes on ginkgo leaf votive tablets

(at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura, Animated Summer Tour 2014)

Go, bunnies, go!

(Bunnies on Okunoshima. Going back October 2015, Pawprint Pathways Tour!)

It’s True! (Whatever that may be…) 

Weird art seen in the twisty underground mall of Umeda, Osaka. 

So ghossstly good.

Marshmallow latte at Fab Cafe, Shibuya.

Who doesn’t like a mysterious chuckle? (Shirt found in Harajuku.)