What is this tour about? Did they really shoot a Bond movie in Japan? All this and more in the FAQ for our second Inspired by Japan tour below…

What’s this whole “Inspired by Japan” thing anyways?

We’ve decided to begin a series of tours (1 per year) that include a component tied to a place/city/region that either inspired or was featured in a work of popular culture - films, books, anime, etc. The Third Impact Tour was our first venture of this kind, and this is the second. 

Dude… I’ve never heard of half of these places.

That’s kinda the point. ^_^ Our goal was to design a tour that had enough familiar elements on it with enough stuff that is unique/rarely visited but equally awesome.

So why should I go to a place I’ve never heard of?

There are three reasons we designed the Shikoku Kyushu Showcase the way we did. The first is a pretty simple one: Through the 2013 and 2014 Tour Seasons, many of our most well-reviewed destinations by guests were “off the beaten path” - places outside the cities people know where the visitor gets a chance to experience something altogether different and unexpected. We want to keep taking people to places like this, because they are super-duper-swell. :D

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Pikachu pinata

Never change, Harajuku. Never change.

Sanomaru Ramen flavored Pretz

…cat…plus sushi?

Last chance to sign up for this year’s Japan Holiday Tour!! If you missed out on next year’s Animated Spring, why not join us in December instead?

The neighborhood watch.

(Outside the Studio Ghibli Museum.)

That’s 70cm (~28”) of parfait, found in the Umeda mall. Ice cream, whipped cream, jelly, corn flakes, and other sweets thrown in. Bonus surprised girl in the background.

(On the Anime De-Tour this past June)

One classy hat.

(As seen in Harajuku.)

Pretty light fixture at Fab Cafe, Shibuya.