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A journal of our guided tours to Japan and beyond.
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After saying goodbye to the bunnies, we made our way to Osaka and added to our roster of animal encounters at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

We journeyed to the Seto Inland Sea area, where there was beauty everywhere we looked. On the island Okunoshima, cute and hungry bunnies roamed, which helped offset its dark past as a chemical weapons research island in WWII.

A moment to reflect at the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Park in Hiroshima. Kippu also enjoyed his view of Hiroshima from the hotel room!

Pawprint Pathways started off with beautiful views on Miyajima and HUNGRY deer. Yeah, don’t feed the deer unless you want them to follow you around. 

See the treasures inside Nakano Broadway this summer on the Animated Summer Tour! Sign-up by April 18th, departs from 4 diff cities. 

A little PacSet Throwback Thursday! Our very first tour two years ago, Animated Spring of 2012. Thanks for the continued support everyone, on to the next journey. ^__^

One of the delicious specialties from Kakunodate was this white chocolate filled nama morokoshi, Morokoshi is a subtly sweet confection made from ground azuki beans, and nama means it’s unbaked. We wish we could share this seasonal treat with you all! ;;__;;

Fire and Ice Day 5 saw us escape the Tokyo Snowstorm and head to Sapporo, a place with a surplus of snow, to attend the Sapporo Snow Festival. We made a pit stop for some Hokkaido flavors and specialties (potato, chocolates, and more!) before heading into the city and going to the first of three festival sites: the ice sculptures in the Susukino area. More to come - including the iconic Odori - on day 6!

Day 3 of the Fire and Ice Tour took us into the most pop-centric areas of our trip, beginning with PacSet’s first voyage on Matsumoto Leiji’s second water vessel, the Hotaluna. Then it was off to Odaiba and Akihabara to shop and explore! Day 4 was a free day, but we decided a trip to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without stopping to see our friends at Roppongi Kingyo for a show. ^_^

Day 5 is coming up, but we leave you with a shot of Tokyo Tower at the beginning of what became the biggest snowstorm to hit Tokyo in over 20 years. Ironically, we were on the last flight to Hokkaido before they closed the airport, and here in the snow capital of the country, the weather is… clear. :P

The Fire and Ice Tour is underway - but before we frolic in the snow, we took a day to visit a few of our favorite spots in Tokyo! Seen here: Ikegami Honmonji Temple (check out that face!), Shinjuku, and the Ghibli Museum. The adventures continue tomorrow on Day 3!